Former 2nd division champions will not register for 2016/17 season

FC Britannia XI LogoNews broke today that FC Britannia, recently relegated from the Premier Division, will not be registering a team for the upcoming season. 2016 was not a good year for the side, after a season which started so well in 2015, reaching as high as 3rd place in the table in the early stages of last season. But after the turn of the year, things began to unravel. Following the departure of manager Alan Arruda and other key players, Britannia spiraled into an irreversible cycle of defeats which ultimately culminated in relegation after a 2-1 playoff defeat to Mons Calpe.

It all began from humble beginnings back at the start of the 2009/10 season for Britannia. A group of friends got together to form a team in the 2nd Division and things kicked off from there. They reformed the historic club Britannia who had been first division champions in the past, winning 14 titles in all, their last back in 1962-63. Their first season back involved was a success, finishing 2nd in a 14 game season, only dropping 5 points with defeat to then champions Lynx and a draw with Stan James. Club president James Watson recently tweeted a picture of the team’s first game back in 2009:

Britannia would become the nearly men of the 2nd division over the coming years, always finishing in the top 4 and missing out narrowly on promotion on two occasions.  3rd in 2010/11, 4th in 2011/12 and 3rd in 2012/13. However in the following 2013/14 season, Britannia appeared to be destined for 2nd spot and a playoff spot, as Mons Calpe looked to be heading towards automatic promotion. However some good form and a fortunate scenario where a defeat against Sporting Glacis was overturned due to the opposition fielding an ineligible player changed their fortunes. Towards the end of the season, a massive 3-2 win against title rivals Mons Calpe ensured the dynamics of the title picture changed, with James Watson hitting a last minute trademark free kick winner. Britannia become front runners for promotion which was confirmed shortly after; big celebrations followed.

Goalkeeper Philip Reyes (left) and James Watson (right) both started in the club’s first game in 2009 and their last in 2016
FC Britannia celebrating 2nd Division title in 2014












Following relegation to the 2nd Division, Britannia were expected to start again and fight for promotion back to the top flight, but that will now not be happening. Britannia were unavailable for an official statement but James Watson was able to convey is disappointment at the situation.

“It’s been a pleasure and an honour to have some fantastic players at the club. The championship winning side in 2014 was the epitome of team spirit; something everyone who was involved will never forget. I take many great memories away and hope the club can return again in future. It’s heartbreaking to see it end after 7 years of hard work and commitment”

Hopefully, Britannia will be back in the football scene in the not too distant future.